LA Daily Runners

Upcoming Starts

Forthcoming starts for tracked horses
    Rockhampton JC
        5:09pm Race 6 Hahn 3.5 H., A$13000 1300m
            Court Clown (AUS) 2009 (G. by Nadeem-Our Greta)
    Seymour RC
        1:20pm Race 1 Parker Brothers Earthmoving Maiden P., A$17500 2000m
            Bella Canto (AUS) 2010 (F. by Oratorio-Belle of Honour)
        1:55pm Race 2 Lloyd Sound Maiden P., A$17500 1100m
            Big Shoes (AUS) 2011 (F. by Nadeem-Choose Wisely)
        4:20pm Race 6 Kuroshio at Darley H., A$30000 1200m
            Beirut (AUS) 2010 (F. by Lonhro-Leica Light)
        5:40pm Race 8 Skilled at Darley H., A$17500 1300m
            Deeming (AUS) 2008 (F. by Nadeem-Aver)
    Wyong RC
        3:23pm Race 3 H&H Catering Maiden P., A$22000 1350m
            Ekklestone (NZ) 2010 (G. by Darci Brahma-Rapid Kay)
New Zealand
    Waipa RC
        1:17pm Race 3 Te Awamutu Plumbing Maiden S., NZ$7000 1580m
            Ali (NZ) 2009 (G. by Zed-Knockmeout)
            Carmen Sandiego (AUS) 2010 (F. by Towkay-Masaniella)
        1:52pm Race 4 Farrelly Calf Rearing Maiden S., NZ$7000 2000m
            Bomaye (NZ) 2010 (G. by Zed-Knockmeout)
        12:08pm Race 1 Lady Kintyre's Legacy Maiden S., NZ$7000 1150m
            Santiago (NZ) 2010 (G. by Towkay-Kintyre Lil)
            Sparkling Sword (NZ) 2010 (F. by Thorn Park-Ornate)
        2:27pm Race 5 Craig's Takeaways H., NZ$7000 2000m
            Zedpak (NZ) 2010 (G. by Zed-Cancun)
        3:37pm Race 7 Stephen Marsh Stables H., NZ$7000 1400m
            Bhiwani (NZ) 2010 (F. by Alamosa-Vedodara)

    Canberra RC
        3:21pm Race 4 John McGrath Auto Group H., A$16000 1400m
            Darci's Money (NZ) 2008 (G. by Darci Brahma-Miss Moneytree)
    Cranbourne TC
        7:15pm Race 2 Highview Financial Planning Maiden P., A$20000 1600m
            Logovardi (AUS) 2011 (C. by Nadeem-Mine Game)
    Muswellbrook RC
        1:08pm Race 1 HTBA Maiden P., A$15000 900m
            Little Cyril (AUS) 2010 (G. by Nadeem-Dshizzl)
    Wodonga TC
        5:40pm Race 8 Locker Room H., A$20000 1590m
            Deckhand (NZ) 2010 (G. by Darci Brahma-Monashees)
    Macau JC
        21:05 Race 3 Te Aroha H., M$210000 1500m
            So Sweet (NZ) 2011 (G. by Savabeel-Jalor)
        21:35 Race 4 Auckland H., M$380000 1050m
            Sir Ferrari - Hostwin Challenge (Mac.) (AUS) 2008 (G. by Testa Rossa-Generous Nature)
New Zealand
    Levin RC
        12:15pm Race 1 Courtesy Ford 2YO H., NZ$20000 1000m
            Perfect Harmonee (NZ) 2012 (G. by Nadeem-Harmony)
            Rocanto (NZ) 2012 (C. by Per Incanto-Romantic Liaisons)
        2:35pm Race 5 Levin TAB & Sports Bar H., NZ$25000 1600m
            Tie Me Down (NZ) 2010 (F. by Pins-Ashley Downs)
        3:10pm Race 6 Levin S. L, NZ$50000 1200m
            Eternity (NZ) 2009 (F. by Pins-Beyond)
        3:45pm Race 7 RJ Ker Contractors H., NZ$20000 1400m
            Tikvah (NZ) 2009 (F. by Towkay-Nancy Hope)

    Qld Tatt's RC
        1:35pm Race 2 Global Transport Insurance H., A$65200 2200m
            Shotover River (NZ) 2009 (G. by Savabeel-Rivertaine)
        2:52pm Race 4 Hardy Brothers Jewellers H., A$65200 1110m
            Lupo Nero (AUS) 2011 (C. by Nadeem-Huntington Girl)
        3:32pm Race 5 Brian Ogilvie Memorial P., A$65200 1350m
            My Quilter (NZ) 2007 (G. by Pins-Sound Lover)
        2:23pm Race 3 Sportingbet H., A$39570 2500m
            Doubly Sure (NZ) 2003 (G. by O'Reilly-Pyjamas)
New Zealand
        3:57pm Race 7 Dunstan Feeds Championship Qualifer, NZ$20000 1600m
            Endorsement (AUS) 2008 (G. by Nadeem-Mistrale)
            Tiara (NZ) 2010 (F. by O'Reilly-Royal Lady)
            Margin Trader (NZ) 2011 (G. by Tavistock-Power and Might)
        4:32pm Race 8 Eagle Technology S. Gr.3, NZ$70000 1600m
            Shandream (NZ) 2007 (F. by Pins-Pyjamas)
    Wanganui JC
        1:22pm Race 3 Palamountains Nutrition Maiden S., NZ$10000 2040m
            Liverpool Kiss (NZ) 2008 (G. by Zed-Kilojoule)
            Jibril (NZ) 2009 (G. by Savabeel-Cent From Heaven)
            Vui (NZ) 2009 (G. by Zed-Scentarossa)
        12:12pm Race 1 Craig & Sue Breakfast Show Maiden S., NZ$10000 1600m
            Galleta (NZ) 2008 (F. by Towkay-Yeah Nah)
            Indolljence (NZ) 2010 (F. by Towkay-Wooden Doll)
        12:47pm Race 2 Jolt Coffee House H., NZ$17500 1600m
            Slazenjah (NZ) 2010 (G. by Towkay-Crisp)
        2:32pm Race 5 Wight Aluminium Maiden S., NZ$10000 1340m
            Time Bomb (NZ) 2010 (G. by Towkay-Myladys)
            Zenoah (NZ) 2010 (F. by Zed-Scarlet Demon)
            Cavatino (NZ) 2010 (G. by Towkay-Princess Cavalier)
        3:10pm Race 6 Wanganui Chronicle H., NZ$18500 1340m
            Aldebaran Star (NZ) 2007 (G. by No Excuse Needed-Hyades)
            Phoenix Tycoon (NZ) 2008 (F. by Written Tycoon-Bondi Beauty)
            Manu (NZ) 2009 (G. by Darci Brahma-Sporty Spice)
            Zetow (NZ) 2009 (F. by Towkay-Rayonner)
        4:18pm Race 8 Dave Hoskin Carriers H., NZ$18500 2040m
            Mr Cool Boy (NZ) 2008 (G. by Zed-Pentavale)
            Sir Gus (NZ) 2010 (G. by Zed-It's Only Me)
        4:54pm Race 9 Wanganui Steelformers H., NZ$20000 1600m
            Wiggle (NZ) 2009 (G. by Gold Centre-Faberge)
            Rohaise (NZ) 2009 (F. by Towkay-Volaisha)

New Zealand
    Otago RC
        1:55pm Race 4 Duncan Anderson Dental H., NZ$18500 1400m
            Berenice (AUS) 2009 (F. by Holy Roman Emperor-Sutology)
        12:10pm Race 1 Cromwell Town & Country Club Maiden S., NZ$10000 2030m
            Masterzed (NZ) 2008 (G. by Zed-Barbarelle)
        6:00pm Race 11 Mann Made Catering H., NZ$17500 1400m
            Tilly (NZ) 2008 (F. by Coats Choice-Habalook)
    Singapore TC
        16:35 Race 8 Class 5 H., S$35000 1800m
            The Deep South - Over Easy (Sing.) (NZ) 2008 (G. by Darci Brahma-Southern Cry)
        18:15 Race 11 Class 4 H., S$60000 1200m
            Live in Hope (AUS) 2010 (G. by Nadeem-Royal Yangtze)

Recent Starts

Recent starts for tracked horses
Faithful Warrior (NZ) 2008(G. by Zed-Maranello Miss) 1st Singapore TC Class 5 H., S$35000 1700m earning S$18742
Classic Thunder (NZ) 2007(G. by Towkay-Classic Merc) 8th Singapore TC Class 5 H., S$35000 1700m
Nador (AUS) 2009(G. by Nadeem-Thor's Daughter) 5th Roma TC McInnes Wilson Lawyers H., A$15000 1000m
(Mr) Bandit Country (NZ) 2008(G. by Towkay-Abenezra) 3rd Cranbourne TC Procon Developments H., A$15000 1000m earning A$1200
Mister Looseel (NZ) 2009(G. by Zabeel-Loose Lill) 8th Toowoomba TC Tyrrell's Wines H., A$14000 1625m
Mister Looseel (NZ) 2009(G. by Zabeel-Loose Lill,
by Towkay-Flight Queen)
8th Toowoomba TC Tyrrell's Wines H., A$14000 1625m
Best Jade Win (NZ) 2009(G. by Towkay-Kin Baby) 8th Macau Oaklawn H., M$199500 1050m
Train Robber (AUS) 2008(G. by Nadeem-Champagnecharlotte) 12th Clarence River JC Brian & Veronica Spencer Memorial H., A$15000 1400m
(Hot Shoe) Shuffln (NZ) 2008(G. by Towkay-Maximite) 6th MRC (Mornington) RM Ansett H., A$30000 1500m earning A$360
(Hot Shoe) Shuffln (NZ) 2008(G. by Towkay-Maximite) 6th MRC (Mornington) RM Ansett H., A$30000 1500m earning A$360
Il Mio Destino (AUS) 2010(F. by Nadeem-Floribunda) 1st Goulburn DRC Emirates Park Guy Walter H., A$30300 1300m earning A$17760
Precious Gem (NZ) 2010(G. by Towkay-Zalass) 6th HKJC Lion Rock H., HK$760000 1200m
Impulsion (NZ) 2010(G. by Towkay-Dream Mist) 7th Cambridge JC Wentwood Grange Maiden S., NZ$7000 1600m
Ocean Emperor (NZ) 2011(C. by Zabeel-Tootsie,
by Pins-Hyades)
1st Cambridge JC Coolmore Australia Maiden S., NZ$8000 1200m earning NZ$5000
Candid Man (NZ) 2011(G. by Nadeem-Lady of the Valley) 9th Cambridge JC Crombie Lockwood Bloodstock H., NZ$7000 1200m
Sterling City (AUS) 2008(G. by Nadeem-So Gorgeous) 12th HKJC BOCHK Wealth Management Jockey Club Sprint Gr.2, HK$3875000 1200m
Precision King (NZ) 2008(G. by Towkay-Quasi Stellar) 8th HKJC Amah Rock H., HK$1500000 1200m
Kingsley (NZ) 2010(C. by Darci Brahma-Miss Moneytree,
by Pins-The World is Mine)
12th Singapore TC Class 5 H., S$35000 1200m
Kingsley (NZ) 2010(C. by Darci Brahma-Miss Moneytree) 12th Singapore TC Class 5 H., S$35000 1200m
Cheetah King (NZ) 2010(G. by Towkay-Jabeske) 7th Singapore TC Class 4 H., S$60000 1200m
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