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Upcoming Starts

Forthcoming starts for tracked horses
        12:55 Race 2 Breeders' P. L, A$148500 1000m
            Bowerman (AUS) 2014 (C. by Snitzel-Sabanci) (trainer: M J Freedman)
            The Mission (AUS) 2014 (C. by Choisir-My Amelia) (trainer: P M Perry)
        13:37 Race 3 Deppro H., A$60000 2200m
            Just Keep Giving (AUS) 2010 (F. by Husson-Benidouna) (trainer: Glen Thompson)
            Alakris (NZ) 2010 (G. by Alamosa-Akris) (trainer: Ms O Cairns)
        14:52 Race 5 Spyre Group H., A$60000 1600m
            Clever Blaze (AUS) 2013 (F. by Bel Esprit-Blaze Em) (trainer: S B Laming)
    Bundarra JC
        14:15 Race 2 Class 1 H., A$5490 1000m
            Big Shoes (AUS) 2011 (F. by Nadeem-Choose Wisely) (trainer: D D Schmidt)
        16:35 Race 6 Toxfree Smartskip P., A$14000 900m
            Society Queen (AUS) 2011 (F. by Nadeem-Jaes Jeune) (trainer: Jason Devine)
        17:16 Race 7 Toxfree Waste Management H., A$14000 1400m
            Still the Same (AUS) 2011 (G. by Nadeem-Oh Eight Hundred) (trainer: Ricky Rohde)
    Gordonvale TC
        15:05 Race 3 G Riches Builders Pty Ltd H., A$9000 1100m
            Robbers Roost (NZ) 2008 (G. by Pins-Lodore Mystic) (trainer: J A Parsons)
        15:00 Race 6 Argyle Maintenance H., A$40000 1800m
            Riyadh (NZ) 2009 (G. by Darci Brahma-Tempestra) (trainer: P A Healey)
        15:40 Race 7 Blue Star Group H., A$40000 1200m
            Snitty Kitty (AUS) 2013 (F. by Snitzel-Lassiter's Cat) (trainer: Henry Dwyer)
            Exilia Miss (NZ) 2013 (F. by Nadeem-Exilio) (trainer: L & T Corstens)
        12:52 Race 2 Adelaide Galvanising Industries H., A$27600 1000m
            Snitty Kitty (AUS) 2013 (F. by Snitzel-Lassiter's Cat) (trainer: Henry Dwyer)
        14:40 Race 5 Lyn Grantham H., A$42000 1550m
            Time Walker (AUS) 2011 (G. by Pentire-Laebeel) (trainer: P Stokes)
        18:20 Race 8 Grand Handicap des Juments, €70000 1900m
            Fifty Gold (FR) 2011 (F. by Medicean-Baba Ganouge) (trainer: G. DOLEUZE)
Hong Kong
        12:30 Race 1 Xian H., HK$630000 1400m
            Polymer Luck (NZ) 2012 (G. by Pins-Savamour) (trainer: K W Lui)
        13:30 Race 3 Nanjing H., HK$840000 1400m
            Go Beauty Go (NZ) 2012 (G. by O'Reilly-Lodore Mystic) (trainer: J Moore)
            World Record (NZ) 2012 (G. by Savabeel-Run Brony Run) (trainer: A T Millard)
        16:35 Race 9 Tianjin H., HK$1235000 1400m
            Redeem Code - Victory Day (H.K.) (NZ) 2011 (G. by Nadeem-Market Leader) (trainer: A Lee)
            Baba Mama (AUS) 2012 (G. by Per Incanto-Irish Magic) (trainer: L Ho)
    Perak TC
        17:30 Race 8 Class 4 H., Rgt.43000 1400m
            Dane's Anatomy (NZ) 2010 (G. by Danehill Dancer-Anatomy) (trainer: KF WONG)
New Zealand
    Hawkes Bay
        12:33 Race 1 Bay Ford Punter of Year H., NZ$40000 1200m
            In Another Life (NZ) 2012 (G. by Per Incanto-La Singa) (trainer: F P Campbell)
        13:08 Race 2 Mardigras Event Hire H., NZ$40000 1200m
            Freddy Lad (NZ) 2012 (G. by Per Incanto-Tap 'n' Gap) (trainer: Ms S Dougan)
            My Tommy (NZ) 2012 (G. by Towkay-Love Proposal) (trainer: G Lowry & G Cullen)
        13:43 Race 3 Hawaiian Airlines H., NZ$40000 2100m
            Real Thirsty (AUS) 2011 (G. by Nadeem-Deianira) (trainer: G J Old)
            Jacksstar (NZ) 2011 (G. by Zed-Star Guest) (trainer: G R Vile)
        14:18 Race 4 Tumu ITM H., NZ$40000 1600m
            Shadows Cast (NZ) 2012 (G. by Per Incanto-Ages Past) (trainer: M K Oulaghan)
        14:53 Race 5 GR Kelt Memorial H. Gr.3, NZ$70000 1400m
            Ringo (NZ) 2009 (G. by Fastnet Rock-Akris) (trainer: M P Breslin)
        16:06 Race 7 Stella Artois S., NZ$40000 1400m
            Falcons Reach (NZ) 2011 (F. by Road to Rock-Bering Island) (trainer: R G Allen)
            Cantare (NZ) 2012 (G. by Per Incanto-Nannerl) (trainer: B J McKeagg)
            Dolcetto (NZ) 2012 (G. by Per Incanto-Our Shiraz) (trainer: Ms S Kay)
            Royal Ruby (NZ) 2012 (F. by Per Incanto-Proof) (trainer: P & T Ebbett)
        17:54 Race 10 Bostock Carnival Farewell H., NZ$40000 1600m
            Zed Leppelin (NZ) 2009 (G. by Zed-Valtaine) (trainer: S Thompson-Brown & M Brown)
            The Wolf (NZ) 2012 (G. by Rip Van Winkle-Baradevi) (trainer: J Benner & H Wynyard)
    North Canterbury RC
        13:58 Race 3 Nobby Bussell Memorial 2YO S., NZ$20000 800m
            Kneazle (NZ) 2014 (F. by Per Incanto-Luxury Cat) (trainer: Ms K Thomson)
        14:33 Race 4 Pryde's Easifeed H., NZ$22500 1600m
            Flying Ibis (AUS) 2009 (G. by Nadeem-Fiery Sunset) (trainer: M & M Pitman)
        16:18 Race 7 North Canterbury Cup, NZ$30000 2000m
            Saint Kitt (NZ) 2009 (G. by Keeper-Southern Cry) (trainer: Ms K Burne)
        16:53 Race 8 Helston & Associates H., NZ$20000 2000m
            Miss Mia (NZ) 2010 (F. by Zed-Dido) (trainer: N F Ridley)
            Locally Sauced (NZ) 2011 (G. by Iffraaj-Geordie Girl) (trainer: G & I Shaw)

    Bairnsdale RC
        15:25 Race 5 H., A$20000 2000m
            Logovardi (AUS) 2011 (G. by Nadeem-Mine Game) (trainer: J P Salanitri)
    Ballina JC
        12:55 Race 1 SMSF Audits H., A$19200 1000m
            Big Shoes (AUS) 2011 (F. by Nadeem-Choose Wisely) (trainer: D D Schmidt)
    Dubbo TC
        14:25 Race 4 Milestone Hotel H., A$20000 2200m
            Zaveena (AUS) 2011 (F. by Nadeem-Paris Return) (trainer: Jason Clisby)
        13:55 Race 2 Provideo Maiden P., A$14000 1000m
            Tremotino (AUS) 2013 (G. by Onemorenomore-Marquardt) (trainer: Scott Brunton)
        12:50 Race 2 Poseidon S. L, A$121200 1400m
            Inside Agent (NZ) 2013 (C. by Stravinsky-Octapussy) (trainer: N A Blackiston)
    Macau JC
        14:00 Race 1 Sunflower H., M$180000 1200m
            Wan Shi Sheng Yi (NZ) 2011 (G. by Towkay-Wake Up Suzie) (trainer: KMC)
            Instantly Party (NZ) 2013 (C. by Rip Van Winkle-Instantly) (trainer: KSC)
New Zealand
    Waipa RC
        12:59 Race 1 NZI Insurance Maiden S., NZ$7000 1150m
            Save the Stars (NZ) 2013 (F. by Savabeel-Eudora) (trainer: L O'Sullivan & A Scott)
        13:29 Race 2 Highview Stud Maiden S., NZ$7000 1400m
            Dancing Light (NZ) 2013 (F. by Darci Brahma-Danse Sauvage) (trainer: A W Pike)
            Incantesimo (NZ) 2013 (F. by Per Incanto-Tutuland) (trainer: G N Richardson)
        15:09 Race 5 PIC Insurance Maiden S., NZ$7000 1580m
            Critics Choice (NZ) 2012 (G. by Buffalo Man-Critique) (trainer: K M Dell)
        15:44 Race 6 Te Awamutu Cup, NZ$25000 2000m
            Arzak (NZ) 2010 (G. by Towkay-Roseario) (trainer: M Baker & A Forsman)
South Africa
        15:10 Race 6 Racing It's a Rush H., R82000 1200m
            Fareeq (AUS) 2012 (C. by Nadeem-Azwa) (trainer: Mike de Kock)

        17:35 Race 8 Schweppes H., A$49500 1400m
            Not a Gypsy (AUS) 2012 (G. by Not a Single Doubt-Gypsy Tucker) (trainer: P & P Snowden)
    Muswellbrook RC
        15:57 Race 6 Denman Hotel P., A$19800 1280m
            Veravarti (NZ) 2012 (F. by O'Reilly-Vedodara) (trainer: K A Lees)
    Strathalbyn RC
        15:37 Race 5 Langhorne Vignerons H., A$20000 1350m
            Redeem Bounty (AUS) 2010 (G. by Nadeem-Sparkling Bounty) (trainer: R R Jolly)

    Corowa RC
        14:55 Race 5 Get on the Bus P., A$19800 1600m
            Little Cyril (AUS) 2010 (G. by Nadeem-Dshizzl) (trainer: D J Perryman)
    Shoalhaven City TC
        16:35 Race 7 St. Georges Basin Country Club H., A$19800 1200m
            Pumpkin Pie (AUS) 2013 (F. by Star Witness-Thanksgiving) (trainer: D A Williams)
    Stawell RC
        12:25 Race 1 David O Jones Mitre10 Maiden P., A$20000 1100m
            Tow Rage (NZ) 2011 (G. by Towkay-Kincaple Belle) (trainer: Leslie McDonald)

Recent Starts

Recent starts for tracked horses
Rapidus (NZ) 2008(G. by Darci Brahma-Rivertaine) 9th Clarence River JC Winning Edge Presentation H., A$20000 2375m earning A$275 (trainer: P Cheers)
Money Trail (NZ) 2012(G. by Per Incanto-Nikki's Bride) 2nd Waikato RC Punters Challenge H., NZ$20000 1200m earning NZ$4000 (trainer: B Hawtin)
Money Trail (NZ) 2012(G. by Per Incanto-Nikki's Bride) 2nd Waikato RC Punters Challenge H., NZ$20000 1200m earning NZ$4000 (trainer: B Hawtin)
Sky Idea (AUS) 2009(G. by Fastnet Rock-San Century,by Centaine-Sandarac) 5th Waikato RC Diamond Lodge Draft H., NZ$22500 1600m earning NZ$565 (trainer: T & M Carter)
Adriatic Pearl (NZ) 2010(F. by Zed-Tudor Moon) 5th Waikato RC Crossroads Waikato's Pub H., NZ$20000 1600m earning NZ$500 (trainer: J C Pender)
Rich Habit (NZ) 2011(G. by Zed-Change of Habit) 10th Waikato RC Topsoil & Sand Supplies H., NZ$20000 1400m (trainer: L W Somervell)
Cutting Up Rough (NZ) 2012(G. by Per Incanto-Lutine Belle) 7th Waikato RC Topsoil & Sand Supplies H., NZ$20000 1400m (trainer: R R Manning)
Onehundredclicks (NZ) 2010(G. by Fast 'n' Famous-Mi Centie,by Centaine-Kentucky Lass) 8th Rockhampton JC South Geldard Lawyers H., A$12000 1300m (trainer: C Smith)
Movie (NZ) 2012(F. by Savabeel-Tootsie,by Pins-Hyades) 2nd Pakenham RC Trik Trailers H., A$30000 1400m earning A$5400 (trainer: D & B Hayes & T Dabernig)
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