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Upcoming Starts

Forthcoming starts for tracked horses
        4:14pm Race 7 Lest We Forget H., A$50000 1100m
            Cosmo King (NZ) 2008 (G. by Elusive City-Shahiid)
    Gawler & Barossa JC
        1:00pm Race 2 Great War Maiden P., A$10000 1111m
            Onehundredclicks (NZ) 2010 (G. by Fast 'n' Famous-Mi Centie)
        2:10pm Race 4 Lest We Forget H., A$11000 1511m
            Nehru (AUS) 2008 (G. by Nadeem-She's Discreet)
    Gosford RC
        4:01pm Race 7 De Bortoli Wines H., A$22000 1200m
            Swanky Beau (AUS) 2009 (G. by Nadeem-Mizzle)
    Nyngan JC
        1:20pm Race 1 Maiden P., A$6000 900m
            Hogan's Ghost (AUS) 2008 (G. by Nadeem-Chalkboard)
    Swan Hill JC
        4:23pm Race 6 Swan Hill Club H., A$8000 975m
            Grade (NZ) 2009 (G. by Pins-Steluta)
    Yarra Valley RC
        1:12pm Race 1 Lest We Forget Maiden P., A$7200 1000m
            Bella Canto (AUS) 2010 (F. by Oratorio-Belle of Honour)
        3:32pm Race 5 Lilydale Instant Lawn H., A$8000 1500m
            Repudiate (AUS) 2008 (G. by Nadeem-Fiaafy)
            (Hot Shoe) Shuffln (NZ) 2008 (G. by Towkay-Maximite)
New Zealand
    Avondale JC
        1:22pm Race Images Maiden S., NZ$7000 1600m
            Carmen Sandiego (AUS) 2010 (F. by Towkay-Masaniella)
        1:52pm Race 2 The Party Bus Maiden S., NZ$7000 1600m
            Carmen Sandiego (AUS) 2010 (F. by Towkay-Masaniella)
        2:22pm Race 3 Bruce Amies Pharmacy Maiden S., NZ$7000 1200m
            Rocknrolla (NZ) 2010 (F. by Towkay-Danness)
        2:53pm Race 4 Faceup Maiden S., NZ$7000 1400m
            Epicurean (NZ) 2009 (F. by Flying Spur-El Bulli)
            Piqueson (NZ) 2010 (G. by Zed-Pique)
        5:01pm Race 8 Battersby Funerals H., NZ$8000 1400m
            Clos de Tart (NZ) 2009 (F. by Darci Brahma-Rapid Kay)
    Feilding JC
        1:37pm Race 2 The Pavemasters Maiden S., NZ$7000 1200m
            Stadalca (NZ) 2010 (F. by Zed-Beach Party)
        4:18pm Race 7 Anzac H. L, NZ$50000 1600m
            Eternity (NZ) 2009 (F. by Pins-Beyond)
            Rohaise (NZ) 2009 (F. by Towkay-Volaisha)
        4:51pm Race 8 P & C Insurance H., NZ$8000 1400m
            Stella Bella (NZ) 2007 (F. by Savabeel-Chatto Creek)
            Our Delight (NZ) 2007 (F. by Ustinov-Extra)
            Anniesstar (NZ) 2009 (F. by Zed-Star Guest)
    Singapore TC
        20:20 Race 5 Class 5 H., S$35000 1900m
            Classic Thunder (NZ) 2007 (G. by Towkay-Classic Merc)
        22:20 Race 9 Class 4 H., S$60000 1200m
            Alan (NZ) 2010 (G. by Darci Brahma-Wake Up Suzie)

        4:45pm Race 8 Japan Racing Association P. Gr.3, A$150800 2000m
            Maluckyday (NZ) 2006 (G. by Zabeel-Natalie Wood)
        12:45pm Hyland Race Colours H., A$100000 1000m
            Nadeem Lass (AUS) 2009 (F. by Nadeem-Danrego)
        3:06pm Race 6 Sportingbet Best Tote H., A$80000 1300m
            Deeming (AUS) 2008 (F. by Nadeem-Aver)
        4:25pm Race 8 Le Pine Funerals H., A$80000 1300m
            Specter (AUS) 2008 (G. by Nadeem-Woman in White)
    Newcastle JC
        2:35pm Race 5 Ryan Ansell Investment Solutions H., A$22000 900m
            Cosmo King (NZ) 2008 (G. by Elusive City-Shahiid)
        4:30pm Race 8 Westpac Rescue Helicopter H., A$22000 1500m
            Deckhand (NZ) 2010 (G. by Darci Brahma-Monashees)
        12:05pm Race 1 KBW Community Management H., A$13000 2200m
            Morals (AUS) 2009 (F. by Husson-Pinsemtoit)
    Toowoomba TC
        8:35pm Race 7 Rating 62 H., A$10000 1625m
            Mister Looseel (NZ) 2009 (G. by Zabeel-Loose Lill)
        4:32pm Penna Race Day H., A$14000 1400m
            Volcanic Sky (AUS) 2009 (F. by Nadeem-Fleur de l'Orient)
    Wangaratta TC
        3:20pm Race 5 North East Newspapers H., A$15000 1400m
            Innovate (NZ) 2008 (G. by O'Reilly-I'm in Heaven)
    Macau JC
        14:00 Race 1 Prince Bio H., M$170000 1500m
            Fortune Friends (NZ) 2009 (G. by Towkay-Shahiid)
New Zealand
    Cambridge JC
        1:30pm Harness Jewels at Cambridge Raceday H., NZ$30000 1400m
            Nippin (NZ) 2007 (G. by Pins-Wait a Minute)
        12:20pm Race 1 Cambridge Equine Hospital 2YO H., NZ$20000 1200m
            Thunder Lady (NZ) 2011 (F. by Mastercraftsman-Thunderchine)
        2:41pm Race 5 Cambridge Breeders S. Gr.3, NZ$70000 1200m
            Tainui (NZ) 2010 (G. by Towkay-Harinui)
        4:23pm Race 8 Travis S. Gr.2, NZ$100000 2000m
            Waikaha (NZ) 2009 (F. by Towkay-Harinui)
        1:16pm Race 3 Trentham Punters Challenge Maiden S., NZ$10000 1200m
            Stadalca (NZ) 2010 (F. by Zed-Beach Party)
        1:51pm Race 4 Mother's Day High Tea at Trentham H., NZ$15000 1600m
            Pewter (NZ) 2007 (G. by Ustinov-Miss Tui)
            Heza Rebel (NZ) 2008 (G. by Perfectly Ready-Clifton)
        2:26pm Race 5 The Sound 97.3 FM Maiden S., NZ$10000 1600m
            Cavatino (NZ) 2010 (G. by Towkay-Princess Cavalier)
        3:01pm Race 6 Welcome St Kilda Saints H., NZ$17500 1400m
            Let's Go Fratelli (NZ) 2007 (G. by Pins-Nikki's Bride)
            Colourful Lady (NZ) 2008 (F. by Towkay-Colouring Up)
        4:46pm Race 9 Tui Backing a Winner Since 1889 H., NZ$15000 1200m
            Kayzed (NZ) 2008 (F. by Zed-Konini Belle)
            Slazenjah (NZ) 2010 (G. by Towkay-Crisp)
            Towkayz Magic (NZ) 2010 (F. by Towkay-Porotene Magic)

    Sale TC
        3:07pm Race 6 Lords Cleaning Service H., A$30000 1210m
            Beirut (AUS) 2010 (F. by Lonhro-Leica Light)
    Tamworth JC
        3:25pm Race 6 Sean Hofman Electrical Mornington H., A$25500 2100m
            Collar (NZ) 2008 (G. by O'Reilly-Laebeel)
    Penang TC
        14:10 Race 1 Tai Pau H., Rgt.35000 1300m
            Bale (AUS) 2008 (G. by Nadeem-Sacred Hill)
        15:40 Race 4 Blue Chips H., Rgt.75000 1600m
            Win Million (AUS) 2008 (G. by Nadeem-Gas)
    Singapore TC
        12:50 Race 1 Super Easy S., S$38000 1600m
            Faithful Warrior (NZ) 2008 (G. by Zed-Maranello Miss)
        13:50 Race 3 Capablanca S., S$75000 1400m
            Rise 'n' Shine (NZ) 2010 (G. by Zabeel-Kay's Awake)
        14:50 Race 5 Why Be S., S$38000 1600m
            Cheetah King (NZ) 2010 (G. by Towkay-Jabeske)
        17:00 Race 9 Ninetyfive Emperor S., S$38000 1400m
            Takeaim (NZ) 2009 (G. by Towkay-Might Be)
        18:40 Race 12 Que Expresion S., S$38000 1400m
            Live in Hope (AUS) 2010 (G. by Nadeem-Royal Yangtze)

Recent Starts

Recent starts for tracked horses
Honest Opinion (AUS) 2011(G. by Nadeem-Agile) 5th Clarence River JC Grafton Vet Clinic 2YO H., A$15000 1020m earning A$425
Our Starlight (AUS) 2009(F. by Choisir-Leica Light,
by Hennessy-We Leica)
5th Kilcoy RC Iraq-Afghanistan Maiden P., A$10000 1200m
Songs 'n' Stories (AUS) 2010(F. by Nadeem-Songs) 2nd Geelong RC Hygain Feeds Maiden P., A$17500 1300m earning A$2975
Vui (NZ) 2009(G. by Zed-Scentarossa) 6th Marlborough RC More FM Maiden S., NZ$8000 1400m
Perry Mason (NZ) 2009(G. by Zed-Dame Ngaio) 7th Marlborough RC Bryant Earthworks Ltd H., NZ$8000 1400m
Something Zed (NZ) 2008(F. by Zed-Hearts are Trumps) 6th Marlborough RC Estate Brian P Findlay Cup, NZ$10000 1950m
Train Robber (AUS) 2008(G. by Nadeem-Champagnecharlotte) 8th Clarence River JC Pullens Produce H., A$15000 1425m earning A$275
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