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Upcoming Starts

Forthcoming starts for tracked horses
        14:30 Race 5 On Point Locating H., A$85000 1100m
            Our Harmony (AUS) 2011 (F. by Nadeem-Pantenny) (trainer: D R Brideoake)
    Donald DRC
        12:06 Race 1 A Little Bit Over? Maiden P., A$20000 1350m
            Excessabeel (NZ) 2013 (F. by Savabeel-Royal Excess) (trainer: M M Laurie)
        13:16 Race 3 Leading Edge Jewellers Maiden P., A$20000 1200m
            Just Rewards (AUS) 2012 (C. by Encosta de Lago-Hillfa) (trainer: D K Weir)
        14:10 Race 4 Moniek Sambor Tile Import H., A$60000 1200m
            Our Harmony (AUS) 2011 (F. by Nadeem-Pantenny) (trainer: D R Brideoake)
    North Queensland ATC
        15:54 Race 6 Amateurs Cup, A$20000 2000m
            Alakris (NZ) 2010 (G. by Alamosa-Akris) (trainer: Ms O Cairns)
        16:28 Race 7 Happy Birthday Stan Coyle H., A$42000 2030m
            Mr Andre (AUS) 2008 (G. by Elvstroem-Blaze Em) (trainer: R H Wilkinson)
    Macau JC
        16:00 Race 1 Warrington H., M$125000 1350m
            Safe Gold Baby (NZ) 2011 (G. by Elusive City-I'm Samantha) (trainer: SEO)
        17:45 Race 4 Castleford H., M$240000 1600m
            Road to Victory (NZ) 2011 (G. by Road to Rock-Ventanas) (trainer: WHT)
        18:15 Race 5 Salford H., M$210000 1050m
            Instantly Party (NZ) 2013 (C. by Rip Van Winkle-Instantly) (trainer: KSC)
    Selangor TC
        16:25 Race 5 Vitamite Show Primer H., Rgt.49000 1100m
            Takeaim (NZ) 2009 (G. by Towkay-Might Be) (trainer: BT LIM)
New Zealand
    Hawkes Bay
        12:15 Race 1 Swiss Ace Sprint H., NZ$30000 1200m
            Shadows Cast (NZ) 2012 (G. by Per Incanto-Ages Past) (trainer: M K Oulaghan)
        13:25 Race 3 Bostock New Zealand Spring Carnival H., NZ$30000 1400m
            Saint Kitt (NZ) 2009 (G. by Keeper-Southern Cry) (trainer: Ms K Burne)
        13:59 Race 4 Reliable Man Mile H., NZ$25000 1600m
            Jacksstar (NZ) 2011 (G. by Zed-Star Guest) (trainer: G R Vile)
        14:33 Race 5 Westbury Stud Maiden S., NZ$20000 1200m
            Dolcetto (NZ) 2012 (G. by Per Incanto-Our Shiraz) (trainer: Ms S Kay)
        15:11 Race 6 Redwood Spring Stayers H., NZ$20000 2000m
            Zedbee (NZ) 2009 (G. by Zed-I'm Reasonabelle) (trainer: I G Wyeth)
            Fazed (NZ) 2010 (F. by Zed-Marry Me Molly) (trainer: H Renall)
        16:21 Race 8 Westbury Club Mile H., NZ$40000 1600m
            Skybird (NZ) 2009 (F. by Towkay-Cassandra) (trainer: Ms S Cookson)
        16:59 Race 9 Sir Colin Meads H., NZ$20000 1400m
            The Wolf (NZ) 2012 (G. by Rip Van Winkle-Baradevi) (trainer: J Benner & H Wynyard)
    Whangarei RC
        13:05 Race 2 Daltons H., NZ$22500 1200m
            Magic of the Sun (NZ) 2012 (G. by Per Incanto-Sunstrike) (trainer: S McKee & E Chippendale)
        14:56 Race 5 Cookson Plumbing H., NZ$20000 1000m
            Tennessee (NZ) 2013 (F. by Per Incanto-Bella Carolina) (trainer: S McKee & E Chippendale)
            Indecision (NZ) 2013 (F. by Per Incanto-Yeah Nah) (trainer: A W Pike)
        15:29 Race 6 A1 Homes Bream Bay Bowl H., NZ$25000 1400m
            Rocknrolla (NZ) 2010 (F. by Towkay-Danness) (trainer: D Logan & C Gibbs)
        16:39 Race 8 Bream Bay Painting H., NZ$22500 1600m
            All Roads (NZ) 2011 (G. by Road to Rock-Dancing Daze) (trainer: D Logan & C Gibbs)
    Singapore TC
        14:00 Race 2 Restricted Maiden S., S$75000 1000m
            Dicaprio (NZ) 2013 (G. by Pins-Clermont Princess) (trainer: L LAXON)
        15:35 Race 5 Class 3 H., S$80000 1100m
            Sun Heat - Sun Pioneer (Sing.) (AUS) 2011 (G. by Nadeem-Sweeper) (trainer: D KOH)

    Devonport RC
        13:53 Race 3 Sharee Marshall P., A$14000 1880m
            Songs 'n' Stories (AUS) 2010 (F. by Nadeem-Songs) (trainer: G J McCulloch)
    Wyong RC
        14:57 Race 5 Star 104.5 La Gioconda H., A$33125 1600m
            Fashion Sniptz (AUS) 2012 (F. by Snitzel-Queen of Fashion) (trainer: K A Lees)
New Zealand
    Te Aroha JC
        12:20 Race 1 Te Aroha Liquor Maiden Hurdle, NZ$10000 3100m
            Old Countess (NZ) 2009 (F. by Zed-The Governess) (trainer: P & J Brosnan)
            Honey Queen (NZ) 2010 (F. by Towkay-Mizzwiz) (trainer: K M Duncan)
        14:30 Race 5 Kaiser AG Maiden S/chase, NZ$10000 3500m
            Kina Win (NZ) 2008 (G. by Zed-Maggs) (trainer: D F Cunningham)
        15:05 Race 6 Kaiser New Zealand S/chase, NZ$20000 4200m
            Twentythirtyfour (NZ) 2010 (G. by Zed-Skiving) (trainer: K T Myers)
    Singapore TC
        13:20 Race 2 Open Maiden S., S$35000 1600m
            Gold Power (NZ) 2012 (G. by Per Incanto-Danskewithu) (trainer: C BROWN)
        16:25 Race 8 Class 5 H., S$35000 1800m
            The Deep South - Over Easy (Sing.) (NZ) 2008 (G. by Darci Brahma-Southern Cry) (trainer: S BURRIDGE)
        17:30 Race 10 Kranji S., S$38000 1200m
            Exquisitely Sweet (AUS) 2008 (G. by Nadeem-Empirical) (trainer: CT KUAH)
            Karigara (NZ) 2011 (G. by Mastercraftsman-Sharvasti) (trainer: S BURRIDGE)
            Satellite Man (NZ) 2012 (G. by Per Incanto-Double Okay) (trainer: J O'HARA)

    Coff's Harbour RC
        16:55 Race 7 Coffs Harbour Kwik Kerb H., A$20000 1400m
            Still the Same (AUS) 2011 (G. by Nadeem-Oh Eight Hundred) (trainer: Ricky Rohde)

    Townsville TC
        17:12 Race 7 XXXX Gold P., A$12000 1200m
            Lady Sioux (AUS) 2011 (F. by Jet Spur-De Lago Flash) (trainer: J O'Dea)

South Africa
        13:10 Race 2 All to Come Maiden P., R75000 1200m
            The Great One (NZ) 2013 (C. by Nadeem-Heureka) (trainer: Brett Crawford)

Recent Starts

Recent starts for tracked horses
Our Angel's Dream (AUS) 2011(F. by More Than Ready-Benidouna,by Redoute's Choice-Mrs. Squillionaire) 1st Manila JC Challenge H., 2000m
Collar (NZ) 2008(G. by O'Reilly-Laebeel) 6th Scone RC Gundy Cup, A$19450 1300m earning A$275 (trainer: J A Sylvester)
Society Queen (AUS) 2011(F. by Nadeem-Jaes Jeune) 3rd Ipswich TC #4211sportzbar H., A$14000 800m earning A$1400 (trainer: Jason Devine)
Nadacheva (AUS) 2010(G. by Nadeem-Antonicheva) 4th Scone RC Dream Ahead at Emirates Park H., A$20000 1600m earning A$930 (trainer: A G Scorse)
Candlesticks (AUS) 2011(F. by Nadeem-Footsie) 8th Alice Springs TC Contact 1300 Cummins H., A$12000 1200m (trainer: Carly Cook)
Triple Hill (AUS) 2012(G. by Nadeem-Bella Brocco) 3rd Scone RC Press Statement at Vinery Maiden P., A$20000 1300m earning A$1955 (trainer: T Wong)
Purrfect Paragon (AUS) 2011(G. by Purrealist-Whitewater Fury,by Pins-Racing Waters) 7th Alice Springs TC National Road Transport Hall H., A$13000 1000m (trainer: Ms L Lefoe)
Do Uno Whoiam (NZ) 2009(G. by Zed-Springvale Lass) 2nd Ashburton RC Downright Drainage H., NZ$10000 1400m earning NZ$2000 (trainer: Ms J Burrows)
Miss Mia (NZ) 2010(F. by Zed-Dido) 2nd Ashburton RC Speight's Mid Strength H., NZ$8000 2100m earning NZ$1600 (trainer: N F Ridley)
Locally Sauced (NZ) 2011(G. by Iffraaj-Geordie Girl,by Towkay-Racing Waters) 1st Ashburton RC RD Petroleum Maiden S., NZ$7000 2100m earning NZ$4375 (trainer: G & I Shaw)
Shadow Player (NZ) 2009(F. by Towkay-La Grandezza) 5th Ashburton RC Talleys H., NZ$10000 2100m earning NZ$250 (trainer: T & M Stokes)
Allaquila (NZ) 2013(F. by Road to Rock-Suzidiva,by Kilimanjaro-Perspicacious) 9th Ashburton RC Christmas at the Races Maiden S., NZ$7000 1200m (trainer: M & M Pitman)
Vantaa (NZ) 2011(G. by Towkay-Heureka) 2nd Ashburton RC Ashburton MSA Liquor Centre H., NZ$8000 1600m earning NZ$1600 (trainer: T & L Prendergast)
Vantaa (NZ) 2011(G. by Towkay-Heureka,by Yamanin Vital-Dalgety Bay) 2nd Ashburton RC Ashburton MSA Liquor Centre H., NZ$8000 1600m earning NZ$1600 (trainer: T & L Prendergast)
Vantaa (NZ) 2011(G. by Towkay-Heureka) 2nd Ashburton RC Ashburton MSA Liquor Centre H., NZ$8000 1600m earning NZ$1600 (trainer: T & L Prendergast)
Castup (NZ) 2011(G. by Towkay-Agra) 8th Ashburton RC Ashburton MSA Liquor Centre H., NZ$8000 1600m (trainer: D M Crozier)
Movie (NZ) 2012(F. by Savabeel-Tootsie,by Pins-Hyades) 3rd Geelong RC Connect Tel H., A$30000 1300m earning A$2700 (trainer: D & B Hayes & T Dabernig)
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