Team LA

Little Avondale and its horses are only as good as their team. It's their daily attention to detail which ensures the safety and health of every horse

Buzz & Susie

Extremely important as without them there would be no Sam!

Kirsty Percy

Financial Manager and Office Secretary.

Emily Morris

Office Communications

John Duncan

Public Relations

The A Team!

Matt Aitkenhead
Helen Phinney
Lawson Campbell
Morgan Percy
Emma Wilson
Caroline Lismont
Rachael Prout
VETS - Mandy Illston Keelin MacDonald
FARRIER - Kambel Barham Ben Bergeron
Liam Forster
Sarah Dee
Bruce Petersen
Rosie Tyacke
Kelly Mason
Carol Fisher
Amanda Bertram

Efficient and prompt communication

Kieran Nally Owner/Breeder