Team LA

Little Avondale and its horses are only as good as their team. It's their daily attention to detail which ensures the safety and health of every horse

Buzz & Susie

Extremely important as without them there would be no Sam!

Kirsty Percy

Financial Manager and Office Secretary.

Emily Morris

Office Communications

John Duncan

Public Relations

The A Team!

Liz Wakeham
Matt Aitkenhead
Helen Phinney
Lawson Campbell
Morgan Percy
Todd Russell
Emma Wilson
Briar Campbell
Rosalie Tyacke
Caroline Lismont
Molly Steel
Polly Prior
Kelly Mason
Georgia Murphy
Maddy Murphy
Jonty Kay
Jack Newman
Rachael Prout
Zara Warby
Lucy McGilvray
VETS - Mandy Illston Keelin MacDonald
FARRIERS - Kambel Barham Jake Barham

Excellent stallions

Ralph Fauvel, Masteron Owner/Breeder