Nadeem - Pedigree

B. 1996
GW 5 wins
f:1037 r:778 w:597 SW:88
B. 1986
GW 4 wins
f:2406 r:2010 w:1591 SW:347
B. 1977
Wnr 3 wins
f:1075 r:837 w:658 SW:198
Northern Dancer 2
Pas de Nom 7
B. 1981
f:14 r:11 w:9 SW:5
His Majesty 4
Spring Adieu 2
Shantha's Choice
B. 1992
Wnr 1 win
f:13 r:9 w:8 SW:5
Canny Lad
Br. 1987
GW 8 wins
f:1342 r:1061 w:709 SW:52
Bletchingly 7
Jesmond Lass 14
Dancing Show
B. 1983
Wnr 1 win
f:10 r:8 w:7 SW:2
Nijinsky 8
Show Lady 8
B. 1984
GW 5 wins
f:12 r:9 w:7 SW:2
Sound Reason
Br. 1974
SW 13 wins
f:572 r:488 w:325 SW:40
Bold Reason
B. 1968
GW 7 wins
f:330 r:142 w:109 SW:18
Hail to Reason 4
Lalun 19
New Tune
B. 1968
SW 9 wins
f:9 r:7 w:3 SW:1
New Providence 9
Song of Victory 21
Country Flower
Br. 1972
f:8 r:6 w:5 SW:2
B. 1961
GW 5 wins
f:335 r:292 w:197 SW:34
Alcide 2
Malcolmia 16
Country Girl
Br. 1963
Wnr 6 wins
f:7 r:6 w:4 SW:2
Agricola 1
Minaea 18
Four x Four Pedigree Grid for

NADEEM (AUS) 2003 Bay colt

by Redoute's Choice - Candide, by Sound Reason

Just wanted to say a huge thanks to all the team at Little Avondale for doing another amazing job looking after my mare and bringing her precious foal safely into the world. Always such a relief knowing they will have the best of care with you!

Andrea, Owner Breeder